Weed Talk UK – don’t let the smoke get into you eyes – burning is for amateurs, if you really want to make the most of the herbs then you really should be considering the use of a weed vaporizer. So what is a vaporizer and why is it so much better than smoking?

Smoking Vaporizers

Smoking Vaporizers


OK, so the first question you need to answer is why are you smoking herbs in the first place? Taste? Effect? Health?

Volcano Digit

Volcano Digit

All of these are perfectly valid reasons and weed talk accepts them all – they are all also reasons why you’d be better off with a weed vaporizer than you would be with smoking. Heat is a marvellous thing but a bit too much of it is not always good – but let weedtalk explain a bit about how it all works first. ┬áHerbs, weeds and botanicals are full of all sorts of natural goodies that were put their either by good – or by nature. They are complex and delicate compounds – for more complicated than anything man is ever likely to design. Due to their complex nature and due to the fact they are organic, carbon based molecules – they have a tendency to be destroyed or deformed by heat. The UK weed vaporizer selection is probably the best outside of America and the Netherlands. UK vape prices are the cheapest in the world.

This is where it can start to get a bit confusing because a vaporizer is also going to use heat to liberate the active chemical from the herbs or weeds. The difference is that is is a very controlled heat – unlike the primitive reaction of burning.

So what happens when you burn herbs?

A flame or fire is basically a chemical reaction between the fuel and oxygen that releases heat – that is as simple and as complicated as it gets. Weed talk knows every cigarette or pipe contains fuel, this is normally in the form of the woody, leafy parts of the plant -so when you take a lighter or a match to them then what you’re doing is initiating a chemical reaction – the spark provides the “activation” energy to begin with. The heat produced is used to volatilize the chemicals that you actually desire – the psychoactive components within the herbs.

So the problem here is that a largely uncontrolled exothermic reaction is going on within the exact same material that contains the precious medicines – they are often held within the same cells! So how do you NOT react the desired chemicals and destroy them? Well it is not easy – all you can really do to control the temperature is alter the draw-rate to moderate the temperature – which although it helps is hardly the most technical of methods for controlling a reaction.

So is there another way to benefits from the weeds/herbs?

They need to get into your body so there are many routes, eating, injecting snorting – all of which might work for certain substances, but none of which are particularly appealing! So the secret is to vaporize the active substances that are held within the leaves of the herbs and make them into a gas which in turn can be inhaled.

The Power of Vaporizers

What a vaporizer does is heat up the organic matter in a very controlled and precise fashion – the best models have a the ability to be set within a threshold of 0.5 degrees! This allows the users to liberate the vapours without “over” heating them and cause runaway chemical reactions!! They really are harnessing the power of technology to allow us to benefit from the wonders of nature!