01 Apr

Glass Vaporizer

You might think that a glass vaporizer is about as probable as the glass elevator in Charlie and the chocolate factory… however they’re more than probable they’re here and they’re great.

glass vaporizer

glass vaporizer

You may well think of glass as something fragile and and likely to crack when heated – hence hardly suited to a herbal vaporizer, but there are other properties of glass that make it the perfect choice. After all, glass is the material of choice for chemistry labs and it the qualities that scientists find important that are also of use in vaporizers.

The main factor is that glass is largely un-reactive even at high temperatures which is also the whole point of vaporizers, the idea behind a vape is to get the herbs to become a gas without any chemical reaction taking place – it does seam a bit of a shame to go to all that effort only to have the vapour react with the vaporizer itself.

Glass is also easy to clean due to it’s smooth surfaces.

When you are buying a glass vaporizer then you need to think about every component that is going to come into contact with te hot vaporize and check what it is made from. Anything that is ceramic is also OK because ceramic is very similar in properties to glass, although if unglazed it is porous and harder to clean.

Silver surfer and da buddha are two vapes that make a big thing of the glassware components – the SSV goes a bit ott with even glass controls that aren’t going to come into contact with the vapour … but that at least shows they care.

Glass is also a very poor conductor of heat so things such as mouth pieces will stay cool – but this is largely secondary it is the non-reactive aspects that make glass the perfect material for vaporizer construction.