21 Mar

Vapir No2

Vapir No2 – is is better to come first or second? This applies as much to weed vaporizers as it does to anything in life. Except the Vapir No2 is not an improvement upon the Vapir One (like the iolite V2 is an update on the original) nope, the No2 is a completely different model to the Vapir One.

The salient features of the vapir No2 that make it stand out are the digital temperature control, something that can’t be underestimated – the difference of few degrees can have a significant effect upon the vaporization of herbs or weeds. It is true that you aren’t always going to want the same temperature with each weed sample – but it is useful to know exactly what temperature you’re at and the element of control that a digital thermostat give you is great.

vapir no2

vapir no2

Another great thing is the battery – it’s rechargeable so you can take it anywhere – but it is also OK to use with a 240v mains power supply, so when you’re at home then you needn’t be held back by a flat battery. The battery (Li-ion) gives a pretty impressive amount of time too – so unlike some such as the magic flight launch box, you won’t be having to carry a pocketful of AA with you.